Easy Messaging

Easy Messaging is a Google spreadsheet add-on to customize SMS message and send in batch. The goal of the tool is to simplify the repeated work of sending messages and save user’s time in cases of digital marketing, SMS remainder, etc.

There are 1 major features in Easy Messaging now

  • Send SMS messages in batch

    • Customize SMS message template by using data from a spreadsheet

    • Materialize actual SMS message and preview that before sending

    • Send the SMS message to your customer

    • Inline or separate the message sent status

    • 20 Free credits to try out

    • In App stripe based purchase


  • Authorization is required to perform that action: This is an error from Chrome that sometimes occurs when you have multiple Google accounts open in the same session. To resolve, open an Incognito (private) window and sign in with the account that you want to use. Make sure the add-on is installed on your target account before using it. If you do not know how to use the Incognito window here is a video

  • Can you make sure the delivery of each text message that I send? No. We called API to send message to the carrier. However, whether the message can be delivered depends on the network conditions and we do not have control on that.

  • If the message does not go through, am I charged? Yes.

  • How the credits cost for each message calculated? It depends on the encoding method. By default SMS tried to use GSM-7 encoding. However, if the message contains charsets (like Chinese words) that cannot be encoded using GSM-7, it is going to fallback to UCS2. If the SMS message can be encoded using GSM-7, the maximal size for a single SMS text is 160. SMS longer than that is break into 153 char segment. Say a message is able to be encoded using GSM-7 and the length is 161. The SMS will have 2 segments (153 char segment + 8 char segment). If a SMS message is encoded using UCS2, the maximal size for a single SMS text is 70. SMS longer than that is break into 67 char segments. 1 credit represents 1 segment in SMS text message.

  • Can I see response to my message? No. All message are outbounds only. We will add ” -No reply” at end of each message. We recommend to add source information like “From Sutter Health:” into the text message.

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